Flamingo – the sampling probe

The Sampling probe

The Flamingo sampling probe is a machine which is usually positioned at the entrance of a cereals storage plant and it is used to check the quality of the incoming product in a quick and precise way.

A proper sampling is essential to store a high quality product and it must be carried out following precise indications in order to guarantee safety for the workers and protection for the sample itself from outer contamination; through a proper sample, it’s possible to spot mycotoxins and in this case to implement proper procedures in the storage plant.

The normativa Europea EN ISO 24333 del 2010 describes:

  • the sampling probe’s technical features needed in order to guarantee that the sample will represent properly the entire batch
  • the way the sampling must be carried out for each cereals batch

Flamingo, the sampling probe manufactured by Ophicina, is compliant with the Regulation required by the Ministry of Health: it’s an accurate and precise probe in every sampling cycle.