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Sampling cycle

  1. Sampling probe
  2. Arm extension piston
  3. Main column
  4. Product suction tube
  5. Suction unit
  6. Delivery hopper
  7. Electrical panel

Sampling cycle

The sampling probe starts to go down to the desired depth, taking the sampled cereals while it goes down.
At the beginning of the descent, the suction unit starts automatically and the collected cereals are sent to the delivery hopper. Once reached the bottom of the trailer, the probe ascends to the topmost position.
The probe waits until the suction unit switches off automatically*.
Tubes are emptied after every sampling cycle.
The machine is now ready to begin the next cycle.

The duration of the suction operation can be regulated in order to set up the right quantity of product sampled.

*Note: if the automatic mode has been chosen, at the end of the descent phase the telescopic arm automatically returns to the topmost position and rotates to the rest position.